Hebrew Dictionary Elite App Reviews

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Very simple, can be better

Our suugestion: The meaning in english and hebrew and applying/example of the phrase.and pronunciation in hebrew...

Only one complaint

For Hebrew translations, the vowel marks are tiny and difficult to read on my iPod. I would really like the ability to zoom in. Otherwise, I love it, especially its ability to save a list of words Ive translated.


The recent upgrade has lost the vowel points which renders the app much less useful to me as a beginner at Hebrew. The interface is visually muddy also. Im looking for a different Hebrew dictionary app now. Too bad, I thought the previous one was quite good, although the print could always have been larger.

Great app!

I love this app it has so many great options to help you expand your vocabulary. I can only hope that they continue to improve upon this already great app.


Not good, its only worth it if your trying to learn to write what you know in English to Hebrew, but there are no definitions with any of the word and many words dont have plurals

Awesome app

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone studying Hebrew. I especially like how I do not have to be connected via wifi nor 3G in order to access this app.


A good app but it would be better if you could search english to hebrew and hebrew to english. Also would be helpful if it included the gender of nouns, at the least, the irregulars ones. Please fix the problem with your parenthesis please

Lousy beyond saving

I spent a great deal of time building a bookmark list for review. When I installed the latest update the list was wiped out. Worse, a new list of words I dont want to review was substituted in its place!!!!

Fair. Some redeeming features

A translation dictionary without vowels is of very limited value. The provision of phrases using the word looked up is a plus for this app.

Not my first choice, but a great all-around app

Although this wouldnt be my first choice for a Hebrew dictionary, this is the only one Ive found that works in both directions (H-E, and E-H) and has nekudos. Very thorough!

Basically good

You need to also include how to pronounce the Hebrew words for native English speakers

Almost useless

It needs to be made clear that this is an English dictionary for Hebrew speakers, not a Hebrew dictionary for English speakers

Very useful for airplanes

The full edition is pretty complete in both directions and is really useful for airplanes and other places you cant use Google Translate.

Hebrew Dictionary

Good database of words, but only English to Hebrew. It should be emphasized that the dictionary is geared for Hebrew speakers. It would be a valuable feature to have Hebrew pronunciations.


Where are the definitions

Pretty handy, but...

This is a handy thing to have on your phone out "on the street", but its more geared towards Hebrew speakers who need an English dictionary. Only the English words are pronounced. Not much use for English speakers. Still, it is a pretty decent dictionary.

Definitely not helpful

Not helpful if you are looking for english to Hebrew translation and pronunciation in Heb.

Nikkud and tags

More nikkud and a taggin system instead of bookmarks please!!

Its ok

From Hebrew to English !!

Speaking help plz

Speaking would be very helpful for the beginner student. Thanks

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