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good learning tool

turn on Hebrew international keyboard and can type Hebrew words for English meaning. looks like a lot of Hebrew words still need English definition added.

Best Hebrew App

This is a wonderful program from a good company the continues to improve it with new features. It allows you to create you own list of vocabulary words in Hebrew which you can memorize using a variety of flash card layouts. This dictionary is a great addition to other Hebrew learning programs by Rossetta Stone (or the inexpensive app that works just like it, Hebrew in a Month). Having a good dictionary like this allows you to get the most out of your study material and learn faster. I would encourage the developers to pay closer attention to Hebrew verbs and infinitives so that the Hebrew vocabulary ican become as extensive as the English. Also, it would be great if the user had the option of adding manually words that are missing. I am sure these features will be part of feature versions released by this excellent company. מזל טוב

It doesnt pronounce Hebrew words

I wish they would have mentioned in the description that it doesnt have pronunciation feature. Please update with pronunciation asap.


Helps a lot with my studies. Learning Hebrew as an adult and this is great for vocab.


Very robust and useful.

Useful but flawed

A useful app, but with glaring limitations. Most verbs are missing from the Hebrew side. Many words have a definition reading, in entirety, "C". Vowel points are shown if you search by the English word but not by the Hebrew word. Flash cards dont show vowels. The word game is bizarre, frequently using English words that I (a well-educated native speaker) have never heard of. I use it because I havent been able to find a better one, but I hesitate to recommend it.


I really love this app. I read, speak, write Hebrew well. Never the less I wanted to move to the next level. THIS APP IS GOD SEND!!!!!!! Im learning too speak as an Israeli news anchor person. The very high level of the language. I made a statement to a born citizen of the country. He stated that was very high level Hebrew. Thanks to this App!!!!!!!

Very Useful Tool!

I use this app daily to learn new vocabulary, look up words and phrases, and to translate tough sentences. There is a lot of useful info here! Could be improved by having more nikkud in the glosses to help beginners but that does not detract too much from the value of the app.


I downloaded this app with the understanding it would help english speaking people learn Hebrew .....wrong ! it gives me a new english word everyday !? What !!!!?

Do Not Purchase

While it is indeed true that in Hebrew there can many translations and interpretations of different words, I have found that the interpretation/definition of the words identified as the "word of the day" were so far off base and incorrect that it would be blasphemy to attempt to learn Hebrew from this app. DO NOT BUY


Needs correct pronunciation in Hebrew . Should be able to translate Hebrew into English and vice versa!

If you want to hear English to Hebrew

Dont buy this app , I only bought it to hear spoken Hebrew , this App doesnt do that , it only speaks English , in which I am fluent .

No Pronuciation

No audio in Hebrew No english text to explain how to say Hebrew words. All you get is Hebrew Text.

Very compressive, highly recommended

Very handy and comprehensive app, good work, it just need more vocal "sound" assistance for pronunciation.

Totally worthless

The best feature of this app is that it links to Wiktionary, which is free on the internet. Totally worthless, a waste of $4


This is a really great app-I learned the majority of my hebrew while I used it! Its a better dictionary than google.

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